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tn1801 54b7bc8f3a839My name is Steve Basht and I’m the Area Director for Susquehanna & Delaware Coalition for Men’s Discipleship with Man in the Mirror.  I want to thank Scott Marsh for providing this forum to men with a heart to reach other men for Jesus Christ.  Thank you for providing a place to share resources and experience with other men of common passion and interest.  I look forward to writing topical articles and posting valuable information in the months to come.

Man in the Mirror is a national ministry that provides resources and proven strategies to men’s leaders and pastors with the goal discipling their men.  As an Area Director my vision is for every church in my area (parts of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware) to disciple every man – to give men an opportunity to establish and flourish in a relationship with Jesus Christ! 

If you are on this site you more than likely have been called to work with the men of your church or you are in the “Battle for Men’s Souls” as a leader or a pastor.  We all see and know of men who are really struggling in the world today.  Many of us have a heart and a desire to reach men with the life changing power of the gospel, but we struggle to understand how and find traction in our efforts.  Many leaders and pastors have had their fires smolder out because of a lack of resources and effective processes to reach men.  I know, I was one!  I was called by my pastor and I believe God to help reach the men of my congregation in Rising Sun, MD.  I started with a study Bible and questions.  We had a small group of 5 guys who would religiously attend Wednesday night study and the monthly pancake breakfast, but we were not growing and we were especially not reaching the younger men. 


" There are times when silence has the loudest voice. "
Leroy Brownlow



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