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Developing and fine-tuning a thriving men’s ministry takes perseverance, but it will pay huge dividends in the health of your church and its families. Effective Men’s Ministry gives you the tools you need to start smart and stay strong.

Here is information you can really use--right away and in years to come. Created by the National Coalition of Men’s Ministries, this comprehensive handbook takes you through the five stages of building a powerful, life-changing men’s ministry in your church. Prominent pastors and men’s leaders such as Pat Morley, Ed Cole, Haman Cross, Phil Downer, Steven Farrar, Jack Hayford, and Willie Richardson share their knowledge and experience. Here is your indispensable toolkit for bringing men together and helping them bond in purpose, heart, and spirit. Includes worksheets, exercises, and sidebars.


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No Man Left.jpgThis is a foundational book for men's ministry in the context of the local church. The honesty and veracity with which these three men map out a successful men's ministry is very encouraging. Its theme is ''building faithful men'' and it targets leaders of men's ministry who can then reach the men of their congregations and neighborhoods for Christ in a very practical and meaningful way.


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How to Build.jpgThis book shows that if you let God build it (your church's Men's Ministry), they will come. Mr. Sonderman gives practical steps to BUILDING a men's ministry. 

He first talks about why your church needs to be ministering to men (not just "have" a men's ministry). He parallels building a men's ministry team like you would any other type of team - looking for qualities in the type of team members along with the specific roles to fill. But Mr. Sonderman puts this process in the proper context of building a team to serve, not lead. Every step of the way he emphasizes prayer. 

He also shows why having a "marketing survey" will help you target your ministry. Not just "Why's" but he also the "How's", showing real world examples of these surveys, along with exercises, a list of 15 great special events, et. al.

Even if you have a thriving men's ministry, this book will help you fill in the gaps that may be missing or maybe refocus it on better, more eternal things.


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Why Men.jpg

Murrow here gives some good, unique insights as to why men tend to shy away from church attendance and involvement. He explains that today's church has become much more feminine than the New Testament church in its meetings and ministry. He provides helpful tips on getting more men involved in congregational life, with an underlying theme of restoring more masculinity to Christian gatherings.

Among church growth/Christian living books, this title is unique. I recommend it to church leaders wanting new insights on how to get men back into the church.



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" God has not called us to fix men’s behavior, he has called us to show them Christ. "
Patrick Morley



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