Membership: Any men’s ministry of a Christian church located in the Bowie area, bounded approximately by route 301 & 3 on the east, route 214 on the south, route 193 on the west, and Duckettown Road, the railroad, and the Patuxent River on the north.

Representation at Meetings & in Communications: The chair of the various men’s minister or his designee(s) will be considered the representative of the men’s ministry at that church. Men from Christian churches within the area who do not have men’s ministries but have an interest in starting such a ministry may also participate with COBAMM.

Mission and Strategy: The mission of COBAMM is to...

1) assist existing men’s ministries to better encourage and equip the men of their church to be ‘men on fire’ for God … serving God at home, at work, in the Bowie community, and in the world and...

2) to assist men in area churches who desire to startup a men’s ministry.

Our strategy is to accomplish this mission by the building of relationships among the various men’s ministry leaders, by joint prayer time, by the exchange of information about our men’s ministry activities and methods, by COBAMM sponsored ‘Man On Fire’ community conferences, and by sharing what God is doing among the men of our churches.

Communication Methods: Meetings will be conducted on an as need basis at the call of the chair. Meeting agenda’s will be provided in advance. Email will be used as the common technique for information sharing between meetings. Information about men’s activities will also be posted on the website.

Meeting Locations: As much as possible, the location for the meetings will be rotated amongst the various churches that participate. If a meeting room at the Bowie City Hall or other similar community buildings is available, they may be used periodically.

Meeting Reports: A summary of each meeting will be written and the written report provided to all participants and COBAMM members.

Chair of COBAMM: Gale TeSelle will act as the initial chair for a period of approximately two years, ending March 31, 2007. After this period, the members will choose a new chair. The chair is responsible for scheduling meetings, developing agendas and conducting the meetings, writing and dissemination reports of the meetings, being a member of the men’s community conference planning team, staying in touch with the Washington Area Coalition of Men’s Ministry and report on their activities, and facilitating communication within COBAMM.