honor_bound.jpgHonor Bound Men’s Ministries exists to reach, teach and release men to grow to their full potential in Christ.

In achieving this vision, it is important that pastors and lay leaders pursue ministry to their men in a new and fresh way. Five building blocks that will contribute to the accomplishment of this goal are:

Men's ministry must be seen from a spiritual perspective. It must be bathed in prayer. It must be considered as much a part of the work of the Holy Spirit as any other area of ministry.

There must be a balanced emphasis on being versus doing. In other words, what a man becomes versus what he does.

There must be gender-specificity. There is a difference between how one ministers to men versus how one ministers to women.

Activities targeted at men must be tailored for men. These activities and ministries must be goal oriented with a clear sense of achievement evident at their conclusion.

Intentional focus is key – meaning that the outcome must be decided upon up front with a clear vision of what the major purpose is.

Pastoral involvement is essential. This building block calls for pastors to become involved with their men, supporting ministry to and setting the example for their men.

Honor Bound Men’s Ministries’ goal is to equip and empower the local church to effectively reach men in and outside the church walls.

Website: http://men.ag.org/