Small Group Bible Study Program – The No Regrets Study Series 

The No Regrets Study Series is a small group bible study program for men. This series of eight books offer men a dynamic growth experience that equips them to be strong, effective Christian leaders at home, on the job, in the workplace and out in the community. Focus is on learning and then applying what it means to be a fully-devoted follower of Jesus. This is a 2-Year disciple-making program designed to model, teach and encourage practical application of biblical principles that build a solid foundation for living life for Christ.

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YEAR ONE - 8 weeks each in these areas of growth:

    Book 3  

BOOK 1 – Becoming a Fully-Devoted Follower of Jesus (8 weeks)

BOOK 2 – Building Your Spiritual Muscle (8 weeks)

BOOK 3 – Being the Man God Created You To Be (8 weeks)

BOOK 4 – Bringing God to Work With You (8 weeks)

YEAR TWO – 8 weeks each in these areas of growth:


BOOK 5 – Becoming a Man of Influence (8 weeks)

BOOK 6 – Building a Home, Not Just a House (8 weeks)

BOOK 7 – Believing and Knowing the Truth (8 weeks)

BOOK 8 – Beginning to Multiply God’s Kingdom (8 weeks)


  • 1 to 1/2 hours of homework each week divided into short daily segments including: Bible Memorization, Bible Study, Supplemental Reading, Video/Audio Messages, and Personal Reflection.
  • One additional book is required for Supplemental Reading homework. Audio/Video messages available in our online resource section at no cost. Participants will receive a password for message access with purchase of their first book. The messages are also available for purchase on CD/DVD.
  • Men gather for a weekly large group discussion class where they experience small group sharing, accountability, and prayer.