This content will immediately bring biblical truth to resonate within your heart. Excellent for the unchurched too - it is a great outreach tool for men.

The Quest for Authentic Manhood is the foundational level or ground floor of manhood. This 24-session study focuses on a man’s core identity and gives an overview of basic manhood issues. It will help men deal with various identity issues by looking back at past wounds and other things that may have distorted their idea of biblical masculinity. Throughout the course of the study, men will learn how to clearly define manhood and will finally be able to give a succinct and passionate answer to the questions, “What is a man?” and “What am I living to be?”

This captivating journey helps men:

Authentic Manhood
  • Resolve wounds from their past
  • Embrace a biblical definition of manhood
  • Develop their own personal manhood plan

Chapter Titles:

  1. At the Starting Line: Five Manhood Promises
  2. The Four Faces of Manhood
  3. The First Step to Authentic Manhood: Looking Back
  4. The Second Step to Authentic Manhood: “Unpacking”
  5. Remembering Dad
  6. Facing the Father Wound
  7. The Overly-Bonded with Mother Wound
  8. Making a Healthy Break with Mom
  9. The All Alone Wound
  10. Three Cheers for Mentors!
  11. The Wounded Heart
  12. Implications of the Heart Wound
  13. The Good News Solution to the Heart Wound
  14. “Saddle Up!” for the Second Half
  15. Genesis and Manhood
  16. Genesis and Manhood, Part 2
  17. A Biblical Definition of Manhood
  18. A Biblical Definition of Manhood, Part 2
  19. A Man and His Wife
  20. A Man and His Wife, Part 2
  21. 25 Practical Ways to be a Servant Leader
  22. Fathers and Sons
  23. Fathers and Daughters
  24. A Man and His Life Journey

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