What a powerful conclusion to an awesome program! The vision of the rest of my life was forever altered by the sessions on death and heaven. The prayer of Caleb is still a powerful motivator for me to take God at His promises and always seek the "high ground" regardless of the giants that may be living there. - Admin



The Great Adventure explores a man and his world beyond the everyday. The 20-session study puts the roof on the house of masculinity and creates a vision for a man’s future and destiny. This study will help men rediscover the adventure in life through a greater understanding of who they are. Men will uncover the uniqueness they have as a man and 

Great Adventurediscover a satisfying life focus.

It will challenge men to consider several important questions they are continually asking themselves:

  • "Who am I?"
  • "What are my life dreams in life?"
  • "Do I have courage to pursue those dreams?"

It also introduces a tool, Your Unique Design™, to help men better understand their makeup, who they are, what their natural strengths are and the types of environments in which they thrive.
(NOTE: During the year each man will have the opportunity to take the online personality inventory, Your Unique Design™. There is a $35 cost for this inventory, but it will prove invaluable in helping men discover their own great adventure.)

Never has another manhood curriculum challenged men to live life to the fullest like The Great Adventure.  It will take them on a journey that leads to significant personal discoveries about who they are and where they are going in life.

Chapter Titles:

  1. Starting the Great Adventure
  2. Questions Every Adventurer Must Face
  3. Pausing to Process
  4. The Adventurer’s “Wiring”
  5. The Adventurer’s “Sacred Oath”
  6. Taking the Great Adventure Out of this World
  7. Every Man’s Adventure with Eternity
  8. Refocusing My Life for Adventure
  9. Being Advised of Adventure Busters (Part I)
  10. Being Advised of Adventure Busters (Part II)
  11. One of History’s Best, Great Adventurers!
  12. Your Unique Design
  13. Evidence of Your Unique Design (Part I)
  14. Your Unique Design test results
  15. Your Unique Design test results
  16. Your Unique Design test results
  17. Your Unique Design test results
  18. Design Encouragements
  19. How to Be a Great Adventurer
  20. Final Thoughts

Visit http://www.mensfraternity.com/products to see some sample video clips and purchase the DVD or CD sets.