Happy Fathers Day!

I am thankful for today. Not because attention is centered more around me but because it reminds me to think about what I'm doing as a father, a mentor and spiritual provider. It reminds me that I need to keep my eye on the ball and not get discouraged over temporary setbacks. To purposely stay the course that has been laid out for me and pursue developing my children and grandchildren for their futures. What an impact I can have! What a legacy I can leave! What a gift I can leave the world in the character and faithfulness of my kids and grandkids.

Yesterday, Promise Keepers released another seminar on this very subject. I encourage you to watch it and embrace your spiritual leadership potential in your family - to lead by example and lead in love.

Then, download the PK App for 10 days of purposeful exercises to help develop your leadership skills and assist with your honest relationships with other men.