When you come, bring the cloak I left in Troas with Carpus, 
as well as the scrolls, especially the parchments. 
2 Timothy  4:13, HCSB
"The  average Christian man doesn't read books" - This is a well-worn axiom among some Christian publishers. Some  blame the shortage of good materials that interest and challenge men. Others blame the demands of career and family. Neither explanation holds much water.
The pursuit of  knowledge and truth is one way  we can demonstrate  our love for God. If we are to love God with all our minds, as Jesus instructs us in Matthew  22:37, one of the best ways we can do that is by reading. Consider the apostle Paul's request to Timothy to bring him his scrolls and parchments. The man who wrote  more than half of the New Testament and planted numerous churches still felt the need to stimulate his mind by reading.
Some  consider  the reading of good  books to be optional, but the Bible itself comes to us in the form of a book, and Christians have often been known as "people  of the Book." Reading is an acknowledgment of our need to learn and grow  and of the fact that we don't know everything. It requires a posture of humility.
Reading  isn't the only tool for spiritual growth, of course, and on its own it cannot guarantee spiritual wisdom. But every Christian man should prayerfully pursue a disciplined life of the mind, and for that, reading is essential.
Thankfully, it's not just a duty but also a great pleasure. So, guys, make reading a priority.
Many Christian men pursue the reading of good books. And they enjoy it! Have you read any good  books lately that have stretched your faith?
Moment of Strength:  Matthew 22:37 

From Daily Moments of Strength - Walk Through the Bible