We are always on the lookout for good men to help with our mission of reaching every men's leader in the state of Maryland.

If you share our passion for men's leadership in discipling others to the model of Christ, we'd love to work alongside you. 

We are currently in need of guys to be involved with/in charge of :

  1. Prayer partners
    1. Establish and maintain group of guys to regularly pray for the men of Maryland. Pray for their well-being, their relationships with God and each other, their commitment in leading and providing for their families, their involvement with other men in their church, work and community. Pray for our effectiveness as an organization to reach the men of this state and encourage ministry to men in every church.
  2. Church outreach
    1. We are currently supporting and working with a local Man in the Mirror effort to establish relationships with Maryland churches. This is to facilitate the formation of mens groups and leaders within the local church. We need someone to organise this effort statewide. Recruit guys in different parts of the state to start visiting other churches, record what is going on in our online database, update information on interested parties, sign them up for the MDMen mailing list etc.
  3. Men's event research and website posting
    1. One of the goals of MCMM is to bring together the disparate elements of Mens Ministry across the state. There are events and gatherings held regularly that most of us know nothing about. We want to encourage inter-church and inter-denominational involvement. Knowing what is going on is a first step.
    2. Research/keep an eye out for these events and post them to the MDMen event calendar.
  4. Article writers to contribute content of interest to men
    1. Many of you have a story to tell. Others of you have a heart to share or a revelation on your mind. Here is your chance to contribute to a larger community. Contact us if you would like to participate in this way.
  5. Maintenance and further development of our Facebook page
    1. We currently have the beginnings of a Facebook page (see it here). We need someone to take responsibility for it and develop it, using it to inform guys about events and what we are trying to do with MDMen. Post inspirational comments/stories about men and the mens movement in general. Get the # of likes and people following us to increase.
  6. Comment to our Twitter Feed
    1. Use Twitter to increase awareness of Md Coalition of Mens Ministries and mens issues in general. 
  7. General help in maintaining this website
    1. If you have any experience at all with content management software (Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, etc), we could sure use some help in updating/improving this site. Contact Scott if you can help.