I feel I am being called by God to work with leaders of men in full time ministry as a Christian men’s ministry consultant but I don't know when or how to go about leaving my current vocation.  I have a 12 yr old son, a 7 yr old daughter, and a more than full time vocation I was unmistakably called to by God for this current time working with Dept of Defense and Intelligence Community on mission execution and information management systems creating knowledge that, hopefully, saves lives of our troops in harms way protecting the Liberty and Freedom God wants us all to enjoy.  God has richly blessed me with a beautiful wife, these two children, as well as educational and job opportunities I could only have dreamed of as a lower middle class child raised on a farm in rural Texas.  I don't believe God is done with me in my current vocation just yet, but I feel that time may be coming within the next few years.  I don't know how to make the transition, but I believe God will make it clear when that time is right.  

I am working with leaders of regional men’s ministries, like Washington Area Coalition of Men’s Ministries (WACMM), as well as the coalitions/networks and leaders God is already raising up across MD to better prepare us to carry out the mission He has given us for the Maryland Coalition of Men’s Ministries (www.MDmen.org ).  I am, also, working with multiple national, and international, men’s ministries all part of the National Coalition of Men’s Ministries (NCMM) like Promise Keepers (PK), Man in the Mirror, and United Methodist Men just to name the primary ones to date.  God has also provided me lots of training and experience leading men in groups of various sizes thru sports (in high school and college), Air Force (as a retired officer), local church men's leader (small group leader as well as leader of church-wide ministries to men), community and statewide men's ministry development leader (in Ohio and currently in Maryland), and as an ambassador for Christ Jesus to men these past 13 yrs (PK Ambassador, trainer for Vibrant Men's Ministry leadership course, as well as PK Key Man and Ambassador trainer). 


Having said all that, I want to make it clear my main goal in life – what I hope to hear from God when I meet him in eternity is just “Well done, my good and faithful servant”.  I am here to serve my family first and I need all the help I can get to keep that straight in the right perspective.  It is often easier to work with information systems or other men than my own wife and children on issues at home.  But, guys, this is our first ministry so hold me accountable to make that the my #1.  Sure, I struggle with other issues just like other men but that is the one I deal with the most.  None of us are immune to the trails of life and we all need a few other Christian men – a band of brothers – we can count on in good time and in bad.  So, let’s work together as leaders of men to create those kinds of relationships in our local churches and in our communities and, yes, if need be, in our own homes.   May God continue to richly bless you and yours as you strive to achieve all God provides for you to Imagine.